TotalID Vehicle Identification

Vehicle Identification That Offers Optimum Accuracy and ROI

TotalID combines the strengths of FastPass® RFID technology and FastID™ License Plate Recognition (LPR) to give you a rock-solid vehicle identification system that promotes your business growth. This system provides friction-free service to your loyalty program members while allowing you to market to non-members in innovative ways.

FastPass RFID

FastPass car wash rfid

Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, FastPass wirelessly and reliably recognizes loyalty plan member vehicles, automatically allowing them through and communicating the proper wash to the tunnel. Use it to identify monthly unlimited plan members, house account vehicles or any other customers who have prepaid.

  • Fast – Identifies customer within two seconds – an industry best
  • Accurate – 99% read rate
  • Safe – Customers can redeem washes without interacting with a staff member or pay station

FastID License Plate Recognition

fastid license plate recognitionFastID, our LPR solution, identifies every vehicle that has a clear, readable plate, not just plan member vehicles. This offers unprecedented marketing opportunities while delivering personalized experiences to your customers.

FastID enables you to use customer demographics and purchase history from the SiteWatch® point-of-sale system to create customized promotions, such as:

  • 10th wash free
  • Free birthday wash
  • Discounts on higher-level wash than customer previously purchased
  • Discounts for returning within a certain amount of time
  • Unlimited wash plan promotions for frequent retail customers