Wash More. Worry Less.

With patent-pending video and advanced computer technology, NoPileups is the most innovative car wash tunnel management system available. Customers use NoPileups to help increase capacity, identify broken or misaligned equipment and prevent unnecessary collisions.

Unlike other tunnel management and anti-collision equipment that only covers the exit, NoPileups protects cars across the entire length of the tunnel. It automatically stops the conveyor when a collision threat is detected and takes a 15-20 second video so you can identify the cause of an issue.

In-Tunnel Collision Good Stop by NoPileups
In-tunnel Collision NoPileups automatically intervenes to prevent collisions.

This revolutionary technology is backed by an industry-leading service team that continually monitors analytical data from NoPileups, providing insights customers use to improve their washes every day.

With NoPileups, you can:

  • Wash more cars
  • Improve your reputation and customer satisfaction
  • Reduce labor costs and turnover
  • Improve overall performance

Wash More Cars

NoPileups is another solution in the DRB Systems arsenal to help you move cars more efficiently through your tunnel, increasing your production rates. However, you don’t have to be a DRB Systems customer or use any other DRB Systems products to take advantage of NoPileups. Any conveyorized tunnel can reduce, if not eliminate, downtime caused by in-tunnel collisions.

And with NoPileups as a safety net, your crew can feel more confident about increasing roller speed and reducing gaps in between cars. In fact, you can run up to 20 more cars per hour during peak times.

Improve Your Reputation and Customer Satisfaction

Thanks to social media, news of an in-tunnel collision can reach hundreds, even thousands of people in just minutes, and bad online reviews can haunt you forever.

NoPileups helps you prevent reputation-killing collisions while improving the overall customer experience. You can let apprehensive customers know you have this system in place to keep them and their cars safe. Moreover, they’ll appreciate the faster service your wash will be able to provide by preventing downtime and increasing roller speeds.

Reduce Labor Costs and Turnover

Managing labor can be one of the most challenging aspects of running a car wash. NoPileups can help you mitigate some of those challenges.

No longer will you need extra personnel just to watch for in-tunnel collisions. NoPileups has it covered.

Employees will also not have to worry about a collision happening on their watch. This increases staff satisfaction and retention, helping you build a stronger, more confident workforce.

Improve Overall Performance

You can use NoPileups analytics and reporting to understand and fix the source of problems. Beyond that, you can count on continual monitoring from our service team. Every time the system detects an issue, we get the same alert you do. We review the camera footage taken before and after every stop and use it to perfectly calibrate NoPileups for your tunnel.

We pride ourselves in getting to know your operation inside and out. If we notice an equipment malfunction or mechanical problem on our end, even if it has nothing to do with NoPileups directly, we can get you on the phone to clue you in.

detecting car wash tunnel problems

You can use the insight you gain from NoPileups to coach employees on ways to maximize your tunnel’s potential. NoPileups isn’t just a service — it’s the newest member of your team, and it always shows up on time. From open to close, NoPileups is ready to get the job done.

What Customers Say

Once a car wash turns to NoPileups, they can’t imagine how they operated without it. One customer even asked why we hadn’t told them about it sooner!

Here are just a few of the positive comments we’ve received:

Overall, it’s a no-brainer. I think this service will be the industry standard moving forward. Jim Mulholland, Owner of Busy Bee Car Wash

…[E]ven if it saves you one pileup a year, one pileup every five years, it’s worth it. It’ll make things safer and make operators, in the long run, more money.Fain Griffin, Cherry Blossom Express Car Wash